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Within a short while, you’ll feel like you’ve been enjoying hours of foreplay. Your body, ready and your manhood throbbing with desire for your partner. Your lovemaking will last for hours, if you want it to. And when it’s all over, none of the side effects traditionally associated with sexual enhancers: no jitters, no sleepless nights, just Rock Hard performance.

What will your experience be on these ancient magical herbs that have been used for centuries…
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Let’s share a cup of PASSION

Passion Coffee is the cappuccino of love.
Please do not drink more then two cups in a 24 hours period.
This product is known to enhance your love making and make you more amorous. A seductive blend of the world’s most famous aphrodisiac, blended with aromatic succulent coffee beans topped with a subtle creamy richness that makes this dessert coffee one to enrich your palette as it heightens your sensual powers.


Rock Hard Extreme
2 pack Capsules (trial size)

Price: $11.95

Rock Hard Extreme
4 pack Capsules Trial

Price: $21.95

Rock Hard Extreme
1 bottle (10 servings)

Price: $44.95

Rock Hard Extreme
2 bottles (20 servings)

Price: $79.90

Rock Hard Extreme
4 bottles (40 servings)

Price: $159.80

Rock Hard Extreme
8 bottles (80 servings)

Price: $319.60

Passion Coffee
1 Sachet (1 Serving)

Price: $7.95

Passion Coffee Two Pack
2 Sachets (2 Servings)

Price: $14.00

Passion Coffee Ten Pack
10 Sachets (10 Servings)

Price: $59.95
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