Product Information

Here at Drive Total Energy we’ve been studying natural aphrodisiacs and healing herbs since 1995. Our expertise, commitment and knowledge of natural supplements that are known to boost sexual vitality and overcome sexual dysfunction without the use of synthetic drugs is the foundation for Rock Hard Extreme.

We searched the world with leaders in the aphrodisiac field to discover new nutritional supplements, our chemists were given the goal of creating a formula that would work quickly, safely, effectively, and with the first dose. Their research led the team to one question, “What if we combined the most trusted, and effective aphrodisiacs from around the world into one source?” And so, Rock Hard Extreme came to be.

Our proprietary blend of legendary plants like our key ingredient, Kudzu Root, as well as Tongkat Ali, to name a few, were combined to create what we think is the most potent, effective natural aphrodisiac available.

We recommend no more than one capsule within a 24 hours period, Rock Hard Extreme is a very potent formula. In fact we’ve gotten customer reports that the positive effects of a single dose of ROCK HARD EXTREME may last 48 to 72 hours after ingestion.

Men suffering from impotence and low sex drive will find Rock Hard Extreme very satisfying, as well as those who just want to increase their enjoyment during sex and experience incredible pleasure through heightened sensitivity and desire.

Additionally, many of the herbal ingredients in Rock Hard Extreme are often used as vital elements in anti-aging programs, ultimately offering an ideal, holistic approach to sexual health, as well as overall pleasure and energy.

Rock Hard Extreme. The all natural way to super natural performance.

We are currently researching new and exciting delivery methods for increased effectiveness, and usability. Look for powder and alternative ways to enhance your sexual energy in the near future as our holistic practitioners create new products.